MAGNUS, a new and strong strawberry variety


MAGNUS, a new and strong strawberry variety

Ens, November 2017

Flevo Berry is launching Magnus, a new strawberry variety that according to the breeding company is a structural improvement in the late season. The new variety is a strong growing plant with a late production and well tasty firm fruit that keep its bright red colour.


Flevo Berry is a breeding company from Ens in the Netherlands. The goal behind the breeding program is to develop different

varieties with similar appearances, but different in season. An important breeding principles is taste, inviting customers to come back the whole season.

With Magnus a new variety in the season of Malwina comes available to growers. Magnus is suitable for soil culture. Yield is higher than Malwina and the fruit keeps its bright red color. It is a strong plant which needs wide spacing (3 plants per running meter, like Faith) and is tolerant to most root and leaf diseases. Fruits from Magnus can be sold in different channels, direct sales, supermarket, and export.

The name Magnus is a true representation of its character. Coming from Northern Europe and therefore tough and hardened, with its powerful root system standing strong. Flevo Berry will continue to gain further practical experience with Magnus and create useful information for growers. Plant numbers are still limited, but will increase significantly in the years to come. Growers interested in working with Magnus can contact one of the Flevo Berry Concept Partners: Goossens Flevoplant, Vd Avoird Trayplant, Kraege Beerenpflanzen, Van den Elzen, Brothers Henselmans or SA Angier International.