6 augustus 2015


  • Early startflorentina_voor_nl
  • Good flavour and production
  • Firm, glossy fruit
  • Good shelf life
  • Continual production pattern

The variety
Florentina is an everbearing variety with excellent characteristics. The fruit are firm in texture, conical in shape and Elsanta-red. The variety has no susceptibility to finger bruising and the fruit remain glossy even after storage. Florentina is a further development in the ”everbearing varieties with Elsanta fruit” segment from the Flevo Berry breeding programme. At present, Florentina is the best alternative for the combination of flavour and productivity.

The cultivation
Florentina is a fairly generative variety and quickly produces new flowers. This requires good growing conditions in terms of soil and temperature. Obviously, the structure of the soil must be good and free of wet spots. In an open field, it is best to cultivate Florentina on raised beds. It is possible to plant in substrates with a greater plant density, but a good balance should remain between leaf and fruit production. The higher the plant density, the earlier it will be necessary to start pruning the leaves.
The plant type and the time of planting have a great influence on the harvesting time. Autumn planting with plugs leads to a harvest peak in the spring. Frigo plants (March/April) have a later harvesting time and will peak in July/August. Early plantings are appropriate, but the temperature of the ground must then be at least 7-8 °C. Temperatures in the spring should be at least 10-12 °C and climbing, otherwise plants will have to be covered. Good rooting is important in order to be able to withstand hot periods later on. Crops in the ground generally remain compact which makes harvesting easier. Florentina is not particularly demanding in terms of feeding.

Harvest and sales
The harvest usually starts in July and carries on until August and September. The fruit are firm in texture and fairly rainfast. If the plants are spaced well apart, the fruit are clearly visible and can be picked easily. The plant produces large flowers and the fruit also maintains a good size. The first fruit can be a little seedy and grooved. Florentina produces new trusses easily and the plant therefore remains in balance without any difficulty.
The colour of the fruit is similar to that of Elsanta and does not become much darker after harvesting. The flavour of the fruit is very good. The sweet-sour ratio is particularly well balanced.