Flevo Berry silver sponsor Dutch Strawberry day and ISFC 2018

Ens, 2018.

Flevo Berry is silver sponsor of the Dutch Strawberry day and ISFC 2018.

On Wednesday 10 January the Dutch Strawberry day will be organised by Delphy, BVB Substrates and ZLTO. With 100 exhibitioners and more than 600 visitors a good start of the new year.

Following the Dutch Strawberry day the International Soft Fruit Conference will be held on Thursday 11 January 2018. The ISFC 2018 will include a wide range of presentations that cover many different aspects of the soft fruit industry. In 2017 there were 650 attendees, originating from 40 different countries, which makes the ISFC ‘the place to be’ for everyone who is involved in the soft fruit industry!

Flevo Berry is involved in both days as silver sponsor. We are a specialised breeding company for strawberry varieties. The program was initiated in 1999 under supervision of breeder Marcel Suiker. After 15 years of large effort the primary goal was completed and the Flevo Berry Concept was introduced in 2014. The concept is a clear choice for continuity in the value chain. We offer similar berries throughout the year by working with different varieties which are specifically bred for each season. We fill in the season with early, middle and late short day varieties and everbearing varieties.

We look forward to seeing you at our stand.

If you are interested in working with our varieties but unable to attend the congress, please let us know a by calling or email: info@flevoberry.nl, +31(0) 615450999, www.flevoberry.nl

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