Flevo Berry present at Fruit Focus 2017

Flevo Berry will be present on the 19th of July during Fruit Focus 2017 in East Malling. We are more than happy to welcome you at stand No.110 for more information about the Flevo Berry Concept, a clear choice for continuity in the value chain.

We offer similar berries throughout the year by working with different varieties which are specifically bred for each season. We fill in the season with early, middle and late short day varieties and everbearing varieties.
Growers can start their season with extremely early short day varieties like Flair and Fleurette. Because of the very good taste customers are directly tied for the rest of the season. For the mid-season we have developed Sonsation, a very tasty mid-season selection. Moving to late in the season is very easy because of again very well tasting and similar looking late short day varieties like Faith and Sussette. If it is wished to serve customers till late autumn this is possible by everbearinFlevo Berry Fruit Focusg varieties like Favori, Furore, Florentina, Florina and Altess.