Flevo Berry nominated with Sonsation for the sustainability award

Flevo Berry nominated with Sonsation for the sustainability award

06-08-2018, Ens The Netherlands

From green practices to environmentally sensitive farming and energy-saving initiatives, this category is for those companies who have gone above and beyond to make their businesses truly sustainable.

Vote for Sonsation via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/YCF8PZY

With our first strawberry variety that bears its fruit midseason, the new cultivar Sonsation has evidently been an enormous hit from the very start: a mighty burst of flavour with a lovely shiny appearance, and yet barely susceptible to the dreaded root disease Phytophthora.

We had not done much work on varieties that bear their fruit midseason – because everybody else has been working on that kind. We wanted to see an improvement in the way our new varieties set fruit and develop; a higher percentage of class 1 fruit production, better flavour and a nicer gloss on the fruit in the mid-season varieties.

And it worked out that way. Sonsation has a lovely conical shape and deep red shine, even after a period of storage. But it is especially the intense flavour that overwhelms. Most of all, the Sonsation is a robust, vigorous variety – any vulnerability to the root disease Phytophthora Cactorum is negligible.

As a result you can grow the Sonsation in a sustainable manner. The turning point was when we saw no loss of Sonsation plants, during the season. Good news for growers, because then there is an opportunity to use less pesticide, herbicide and fungicide. That is better for the earth and for people, which makes Sonsation a cultivar for the future.

The new cultivar fits perfectly within the philosophy of Flevo Berry. We do not believe in short term success. We always look ahead when developing new varieties. It can be done differently, it has to be done better.