21 maart 2016

Flevo Berry Concept

Flevo Berry Concept with AltessFlevo Berry has developed the Flevo Berry Concept; a clear choice for continuity in the value chain. We offer similar berries throughout the year by working with different varieties which are specifically bred for each season. We fill in the season with early, middle and late short day varieties and everbearing varieties.

Within the Flevo Berry Concept we differentiate 2 segments; varieties for direct sales and varieties for retail. For both segments the fruit characteristics taste and appearance are of utmost importance.

The difference between segments is the fruit colour and fruit shape. Varieties selected for retail are mostly orange-red coloured and have a short conical shape. Varieties selected for direct sales can be of a more intense red colour and in some cases have a longer conical shape.






Flevo Berry Concept Selections

Flair  Fleurette


Faith  Sussette

Favori  Florina

Furore  Florentina



Other selections




Pink Extara