6 augustus 2015


  • Very early and easy to forcefleurette_voor_nl
  • Vigorous variety with high productivity
  • Excellent fruit quality with a good taste
  • Good shelf life
  • Tolerant to mildew

The variety
Fleurette is an early and productive variety developed in the Flevo Berry breeding programme. Fleurette is 7 days earlier than Elsanta and can be forced quite easily using a double covering. Fleurette is the variety which combines earliness, productivity and excellent fruit quality.

Fleurette grows easily and develops a uniform, robust and compact plant. The soil must be fertile and free of wet spots. Fleurette is suitable for planting both in open fields and on raised beds. When growing in substrates or light, fertile soil, it is important to bear vigorous growth in mind.
The variety has relatively long flower stems and flowers partly above the crop. This is a big advantage when cultivating in substrates, because it makes it easier with truss teasing. The flowers have excellent quality pollen and open only after the stem has grown to a considerable length. This means that the variety is particularly easy to force until the beginning of flowering.

The variety produces many trusses easily. This leads to an extended flowering period, resulting in high productivity. The bright colour of the fruit Ā and the firmness of the strawberry make it possible (in greenhouses) to pick the fruit at longer intervals than Sonata, for example. The variety is less susceptible to fruit rot and is resilient to mildew.

Harvest and sales
The Fleurette fruit look very similar to those of Elsanta. It is suitable for direct sales as well as long distribution channels. The fruit are orange-red, conical in shape and glossy. The fruit will not darken during storage and they remain looking fresh.

The fruit are firmer than those of Elsanta and Sonata and the fruit skin is also less vulnerable. As Fleurette does not change in colour after picking and has few problems with finger bruising, the fruit has a very good shelf life.
The stable fruit remain fresh in appearance. Fleurette fruit are less susceptible to cracking than those of Elsanta.

The taste of the fruit is similar to Elsanta; not distinctly sweet or sour but a balanced, freshly acidic taste, suitable for a wide range of customers. The plant is tidy and manageable, making the fruit easy to pick. The size of the fruit is comparable to that of Sonata; a little larger than Elsanta.