6 augustus 2015


  • Very early variety, 10 days before Elsantaflair_voor_nl
  • Excellent taste
  • Brightly coloured fruit
  • Tolerant to most root diseases and mildew
  • Extremely  suitable for tunnel cultivation

The variety
Flair is the variety with which many growers start the season. The combination of exceptional earliness and an excellent flavour will ensure that you will be the first on the market and that your customers will stay with you for the rest of the season. Flair is a variety that comes into production quickly and gives a concentrated early harvest. Even under cold conditions, Flair continues growing and maintain its earliness. The excellent quality of the pollen ensures that the Flair flowers produce beautifully shaped fruit. Flair is the first short-day variety of the early segment from the Flevo Berry breeding programme.

Flair develops long leaf stalks and is an open plant. It is advisable to pursue a cultivation strategy which ensures that the plant stays compact. The soil must be fertile and should not contain any  wet spots. Flair requires a great deal from the soil, which should not be too dry or too wet.  Flair can be planted both in open fields and on raised beds. In the case of more intensive cultivation often with very frequent watering. Flair will produce a higher yield.
The preferred planting distance is 25-30 cm because the plant is very open and produces long flower trusses. Flair grows best on a single dam or row with a row distance of at least 1 metre. Flair is well suited to double covering and is the best alternative for tunnel cultivation. Flair performs best in the sheltered environment of a tunnel.

Harvest and sales
Flair is very suitable for direct sales, but also for shorter distribution channels. The harvest time is very early, 7 – 10 days before Elsanta, or 3-5 days earlier than Clery. The harvest period is compact. Flair has already surprised many growers with its early harvest time!
The flower stems are long and clearly stand out above the leaves. The fruit are easy to pick. The colour of the fruit is bright red. The fruit are glossy with an excellent flavour and a pleasant aroma.