Favori Furore Fruitmasters

Furore and Favori turn out to be profitable and tasty strawberries

Magazine Aardbeiendoordragers

Fruitmasters’ Magazine July 2017.

English summary

For more than three years a study focus group of Fruitmasters’ growers is actively working on the future of everbearing strawberry varieties. The study focus group is learning more on the cultivation techniques of strawberry everbearers. The Flevo Berry varieties Furore and Favori turn out to be profitable and tasty strawberries. Rightfully they are allowed to be placed under the new Fruitmasters’ label “Sweet Selection”.

Stimulation for biology.

Everbearers have a longer grower season than the June bearers. This is ideal for biological control. The natural enemies can develop themselves very well and the population can grow. Until the arrival of the Suzuki-fly, half way August, growers can grow residu free.


There is still a lot to learn on strawberry everbearers. By running different tests we get more and more answers.  We see lots of potential in the production of Favori and Furore. They are productive varieties and the strawberries have a good taste. Strawberry growers are looking for alternatives for the more expensive Elsanta production, we are booking progress with strawberry everbearers.